Spleen I

Originally conceived as a sequence of 11 ink drawings in black and white converted into negative to obtain a greater expressive power: the theme is Spleen. I wanted to represent the essence of the artist`s meditative sadness through the contrast between natural elements – the Moon and the line of the horizon (or the sea) – and mysterious artificial objects man made immersed in an atmosphere of surreal stillness: dualism, between nature and man. The heart-breaking simplicity of the first works gives way, gradually, to complex structures which appear to overwhelm and almost swallow the Moon and the horizon. Great attention was given to the equilibrium of the structures which despite their growing complexity seem able to maintain the necessary tension to avoid self-annihilation into space. These images are mirages, visions of the soul, macabre scenes which take away our last breath of life.

49 Composizione V月の光と型 (2016)

Composizione VIII 月の光と型 (2016) 

Spleen IV

51 憧れ